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Welcome to the first edition of The Carney Center blog! This blog is more of an introduction. Subsequent blogs will be focused more on specific topics regarding plastic surgery. But to get started, it’s good to know the face behind the blog. My name is Maggie Penix and am your resident blogger. I am a registered nurse and have been working part time at The Carney Center, both Virginia Beach and Newport News locations, for about 2 years. And yes, for those of you who have met me, I am Elaine’s sister….you weren’t seeing double! 🙂 My full time job is school nurse with Virginia Beach Public Schools. I am about to be newly single, have 3 children, ages 22, 20 and 19, and my first grandchild was just born last week! I am thrilled, but still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have a grandson. Can’t say I will be a grandmother…I am a Gigi! I have also become an empty nester this year with my youngest going off to school. So as you can see, there have been and will be a lot of changes in my life over the next few months.

The biggest adjustment has been the empty nest. In fact it was SUCH an adjustment, I began to gain my daughter’s freshmen 10! Had to put a stop to that immediately! lol! Changing my focus to be more about me for the first time in many many years was a rather foreign concept to be honest, and one that I am still trying to remember at times. Which brings me to the first topic of our blog…..YOU. We as women are notorious for not putting ourselves at the top of the priority list. As the “to do” list gets longer, our resolution to take care of ourselves slowly but surely diminishes until we forget about it. Sometimes for years. Stop the cycle and make 2013 YOUR year to get the focus once again on you!!! Put yourself first on your list and give us a call. At both our Newport News and Virginia Beach locations, our consultations are free of charge and we can help with everything from a total makeover to injectables, facial peels and everything in-between. Going forward, our plastic surgery blog is going to be focused on topics as they relate to you, so if there is anything you would like to see, please let me know. Remember, it really IS about you this year!!!!

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