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FUE Hair Transplantation

The Carney Center Hair Restoration Clinic offers Follicular Unit Extra (FUE) hair transplantation in Virginia Beach, although hair restoration consultations can be requested at our Newport News location. In FUE based hair restoration, the hair transplantation specialist extracts hair follicles from a donor site, then embeds them in the the treatment site. Extract follicular units, naturally made of 1-4 hairs, allows the hair transplant specialist to create natural-looking results. The small size of the follicular unit also reduces the visibility of scarring in the donor area to nearly imperceptible.

FUE Benefits

There are primarily two hair transplant techniques, FUE and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) also know as the “strip method”. The FUT method requires extracting a strip of skin from the donor site, usually the back of the head. The strip is the carefully separated into follicular unit grafts, and then each is inserted into the scalp in the treatment site. This method tends to produce a small linear scar across the back of the head that can be made less noticeable, depending on the technique used by the plastic surgeon.

FUE minimizes the visibility of donor site scarring by extracting just the follicular unit. This also reduces post-operative discomfort, and reduces the risk of complications.

Alternatives to FUE

The Carney Center hair restoration team manually extracts each collicular unit, but the Carney Center also uses the ARTAS Hair Restoration system to automate and improve the survivability of transplanted the hairs. The ARTAS uses a robot to carefully extract and then randomly place the unit within the treatment area, improving the natural look by avoiding repetitive patterns. Read more about ARTAS Hair Restoration in Virginia Beach.

Enhancing FUE results

The Carney Center Hair Restoration Clinic offers treatment methods and plans to fit your unique hair and your goals. People interested in FUE should also review PRP, Platelet-rich Plasma for hair loss. While they can be independent treatments, we often suggest that PRP follows FUE as it improves hair transplantation retention rates while promoting new hair growth.

Hair regrowth only gets harder as time goes by. Request your consultation today!

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