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Breast Reduction

“Dr. Carney always took the time to answer all my questions and any questions my husband had. I felt I was in medically sound hands, allowing me to concentrate on myself and getting better. The end result is wonderful! I feel better being free of breast cysts and look better than I did before.”*

– Rosanne P., Suffolk, VA

Breasts that are too large can affect your self image and can lead to physical pain interfering with an active lifestyle. Breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammoplasty removes excess fat, glandular tissue and skin to create a more proportionate breast size. Dr. Carney utilizes the vertical technique with a minimum incision, reducing or removing the need for an incision under the breast.

Reduction mammoplasty can greatly decrease back and neck pain and help you enjoy increased activity. The results should improve your overall proportions and restore your self-confidence. The procedure can be done on one or both breasts.


Many insurance reimbursed cases are performed in the hospital setting. Most cosmetic procedures are performed at The Carney Center. The surgical techniques will vary depending on the amount of excess breast tissue and skin present.


Dr. Carney uses the latest imaging technology so you can get a realistic 3D image of your own body within a couple of minutes. During your consultation with Dr. Carney, you will discuss your preferences and he’ll provide options based on your anatomy and desires. With the 3D image, you will be able to assess your options and confirm the choice that best suits your wishes and your body.

You will also have the opportunity to use the new state-of-the-art Virtual Reality 4D Goggles that will allow you to virtually see your future breasts from your perspective.

Can’t wait? You can start now by uploading your own 2D photos, and a 3D image will be created after you create your profile. Click here to start!

Learn More About Breast Reduction

If you’d like to learn more about breast reduction, please watch our educational video below. Just select the procedure from the dropdown video menu below. You can also learn more about breast reduction from the American Society Plastic of Surgeons. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is also a good source of information about breast reduction. Dr. Carney is a member of both medical societies.

If you feel that you would like to speak with Dr. Carney personally about breast reduction, please request a consultation or contact us with your question. 

Individual results may vary.

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