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“I didn’t look the same anymore… but the idea of a facelift was daunting. Dr. Carney set me at ease with his confidence and comforting explanations of everything. This was absolutely the right thing to do!”*

– Ann C., Virginia Beach, VA

Some of the most visible signs of aging appear in the face. There may come a day when you look in the mirror and what you see on the outside doesn’t reflect how you feel on the inside.

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, can reduce the most visible signs of aging by tightening underlying structures, smoothing loose skin, and removing excess fat. The results-facial features are redefined, leaving the face looking smoother and firmer.


Facelifts are commonly done in conjunction with other procedures such as a forehead lift, or eyelid surgery. The forehead lift provides better positioning and shape for the brows. This procedure can also be combined with laser or chemical resurfacing.

There is no hair loss and minimal scars. Eyelid surgery corrects the excess skin and puffiness of the upper and lower lids. These procedures can be combined with laser skin resurfacing to improve the texture of the skin and restore a more youthful appearance.


Following surgery, you will be wrapped in a comfortable dressing with cool compresses placed over your eyes for comfort and to minimize swelling. Discomfort should be minimal, although there will be numbness in the facial area that will diminish over a period of a few weeks.

During the first weeks after surgery you may begin to use make-up. This may usually be done anytime after your first post-operative visit. As the incisions heal most scars will become inconspicuous. It takes many months for the final surgical changes to soften to their normal state.


Facelifts can correct deep lines, the loss of a well-defined jawline, wrinkles in the cheeks and loose skin, wrinkles and excess fat in the neck.

The best candidates are people with good skin and a well defined bone structure. Though most people opt for this procedure in their 40’s, it can be done on patients of any age and produce good results for people in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Learn More About Facelifts

If you’d like to learn more about facelifts, please watch our educational video below. Just select the procedure from the dropdown video menu below. You can also learn more about facelifts from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is also a good source of information about facelifts. Dr. Carney is a member of both medical societies.

If you feel that you would like to speak with Dr. Carney personally about facelift surgery, please request a consultation or contact us with your question. 

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