WHERE did the summer go?! After 2 weeks on vacation this past July, getting back to reality can be difficult. I came home to no AC which was a real quick wake up to getting back . As I sat waiting for the repairman to arrive, I thought back to 2 wonderful weeks of sightseeing, shopping, eating (REAL pizza, pasta, and gelato!)  Yes,  my 19 year old daughter and I were in Italy. We took one day to just go to the beach in Positano and RELAX.  I of course, did a bit of people watching. It’s always interesting to watch people on the beach. All shapes and sizes were there. Young, old, in all versions of bathing suits you can  imagine (or not, after all this was Italy! )  What struck me was no one was self conscious about their body image and seemed totally comfortable in their own skin.  A European trait possibly? Then it hit me.  This is what it really comes down to……not how others view you, but how YOU view you.  If you aren’t happy with what gravity, childbirth, or just time marching on (sometimes over specific body parts!), then give us a call for a consultation. Maybe you just want a little “refreshening” with a cleansing facial,  (summer and vacation can play havoc on your skin!) Or maybe your vacation made you realize you want to feel good in your skin and want yo find out more about injectables, liposuction, or breast augmentation (to name just a few procedures), The Carney Center can assist you in feeling good about YOU.

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